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The Knight Industries Two Thousand
K.I.T.T. - Kitt, if you prefer.

Kitt Knight
Date_[ 01-18-2007: 08:36
Subject_[ Morality.
Security_[ Public
Morals.Collapse )
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Kitt Knight
Date_[ 09-05-2006: 04:20
Subject_[ [Goliath Returns] Reveal.
Security_[ Public
Kitt had been on edge before the gala began - April's new device had malfunctioned, as had become normal. Edgy and frustrated, he'd listened to Devon announce the arrival of Doctor Klaus Bergstrom. He was immediately fascinated. That, and a chance to visit the apartment before attending the gala had decided him. He had to make an appearance and speak to Doctor Bergstrom face to face, even if he did seem to have a penchant for nightclubs and late bars.

Even if Michael did protest.

That was how he came to be wearing a semi-casual suit and brown contacts to stir among the Foundation's guests while Michael spoke to Christina, the doctor's niece.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Doctor Bergstrom," he greeted warmly, and saw April's eyes widen. The voice had to be explained -- how, he wondered, as he shook hands with the Swede.

"And a pleasure to meet you," Bergstrom returned, "though I'm afraid you have me at an advantage. Your name?"

"My apologies," he chuckled politely. The answer came to him in a flash. "I'm Cattrall Kincade - I'm afraid I rarely have time to attend these galas, but I've known of the Foundation for quite some time. They borrowed my voice for one of their projects two years ago or so."

Devon, approaching, visibly relaxed, and April looked like her curiousity had been sated, but now Kitt wondered about another gleam in his eyes. "I thought I recognized you," she said. "You were recently on television, am I right? At that concert...?"

"Ah, yes - a sideline hobby of mine." He wasn't fond of these lies, but he had to get out from under April's suspicion. "Michael actually contacted me for that job, asking for another pair of ears backstage - I think I might have helped out a bit."

Before he knew it, there was a glass of champagne in his hand. ...Oh God. He was now sure this couldn't end well.
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Kitt Knight
Date_[ 09-01-2006: 23:02
Subject_[ OOC: Icon retirement again.
Security_[ Public
It's hit that time again.
Here are all of Kitt's newly retired icons for later viewing.

Image heavy behind cut.Collapse )
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Kitt Knight
Date_[ 07-30-2006: 01:23
Subject_[ Knight Industries, Nevada, 2008.
Security_[ Public
The air was still, silent - an odd thing for this compound, but everyone could see what was on the back of the flatbed truck that had driven in and parked, even if there was a tarp pulled over the bulk. The lower edge fluttered slightly, pulled loose through transport. A hint of silver paint was visible over four wheels that were chained in place. The people walking between buildings paused now and then, looking toward the truck with gazes both mournful and apologetic. There was nothing any of them could do.

There were two standing near the truck. One stood over six feet tall and had hair to his waist, shining against the fabric of his suit. The other was shorter, her head just above his shoulder, her hair blonde and tightly braided and tucked up, austere above the jeans and T-shirt she wore. It was she who broke the silence.

"I'm sorry," she said. She'd seen too many of these memorial scenes lately. Too damned many. Even if the number was just two. Maybe three. "I tried--"

"Kara," Kitt interrupted, his own voice quiet, "please, don't apologise. You did what you could. We all... expected it, as much as we possibly could. It's a possibility for everyone here. We aren't exactly perpetually popular. More than that, it isn't as if any of us actually thought our security here could be breached."

"But by her..." Kara shook her head.

"I know. Believe me, I know. It's a lot to comprehend, and stunning. But if anyone could do it, she could."


Kitt's answer was a soft, almost bitter, chuckle. "That's what we would all like to know."
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Kitt Knight
Date_[ 04-27-2006: 18:25
Subject_[ OOC: Meme.
Security_[ Public
Y'know, why not. I'm ready and prepared for a number of flames on this, so here goes.

As to the following:


Please comment, anonymous or not, on any flaws in characterisation you may find that is inconsistant with canon or how storylines in RP have influenced them.

...Wow, that sounds coarse. Ah well. *goes to temporarily disable IP logging*
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Kitt Knight
Date_[ 04-21-2006: 18:11
Subject_[ OOC: Meme
Security_[ Public
Pick one of the following, and I will write you a drabble based on it. If there is a certain pairing/crossover/fandom you would like, feel free to request (even if he hasn't met them and I know the canon). Otherwise... have fun!

1. Naughty Kitt
2. Happy Kitt
3. Sly Kitt
4. Angsty Kitt
5. Poorly-Sick-And-Dying Kitt
6. Horny Kitt (Whut?)
7. Pregnant/Father Kitt
8. Excited Kitt
9. Book-Reading Kitt
10. Where-did-that-come-from Kitt
11. Jealous Kitt
12. Kidnapped Kitt
13. Caring Kitt - Claimed!
14. On-His-Knees Kitt
15. Obedient Kitt
16. Losing-His-Cherry Kitt (Whut?)
17. Naive Kitt
18. Shocked Kitt
19. Greedy Kitt
20. Daring Kitt
21. Driving Kitt
22. Swimming-In-The-Buff Kitt - Claimed!
23. Bathtime Kitt
24. Eating-His-Lunch-And-Drinking-From-A-Soda-Bottle Kitt
25. Exhausted Kitt
26. Falling-Down-A-Lot Kitt
27. Well-shagged Kitt
28. On-a-case Kitt
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Kitt Knight
Date_[ 04-21-2006: 03:41
Subject_[ (no subject)
Security_[ Public
It had been the bathroom closet. So that was where he stepped back into the apartment and only now did he find the irony amusing. The first thing he did was take the elastic from his hair and start to work removing his shoes.


Not much had happened at the bar, though he had noted the absence of his brother, and, he thought, of Ray. Bonnie's absence had stopped being so notable. And Devon hadn't told him anything about her.


Kitt shook his head a little as he went into his room to replace his shoes in the closet and the elastic on his dresser. A few comb-throughs, and then he considered. Unless Michael was cooking, maybe they could call out for Chinese.

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Kitt Knight
Date_[ 04-10-2006: 01:44
Subject_[ Knight Industries Helicopter, Indian Ocean, 2008.
Security_[ Public
Kitt's knuckles were white on the armrest in the helicopter, and though he was sitting to one side, he steadfastly did not look out the window. Helicopters were nominally better than planes, but that didn't mean it had any chance of being pleasant at all. Far from pleasant. He was still sure that in this second, or the next, or the one after, the whole thing would simply... drop into the ocean and that would be the end of them.

Why couldn't the carrier have been berthed? Why?

He clenched his teeth and strained to keep his composure. On the way back, at least, he wouldn't have to deal with this. He'd be able to sleep through the way back. And he'd be on a ship. He could handle ships. He just hated flying.

Bonnie was doing better than he was. For a few moments, he envied her, and then he was back to being terrified again. Any moment now... Splash.
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Kitt Knight
Date_[ 02-20-2006: 14:59
Subject_[ [From Kitt's Notebook] January 10, 1984, home (after weeks spent in Milliways).
Security_[ Public
If anything, I've noticed that life is full of unending changes. Especially a life as odd, as different, as mine. I'm not really human. There are times I wonder if I'm even alive, but right now, I feel I am.

Because it's another thing I've learned, that life is about hurting. Uncertainty. And I am, now, uncertain.

This is ending. I can feel it as I sit here, as if the change, the return, is beginning from the inside out. And I actually feel I'm frightened of it. But then, I have to remind myself - I've been through many changes already. I've dealt with many things that I doubt many others could have.

I was thrust into a human form, and only found it enjoyable months later. It was an uncertainty, a trauma, that tore at me, but in time, I adjusted. It was much the same when I first became female. I knew, from the beginning, that it was temporary. And in the beginning, it was a relief. I could go back to normal at any moment. I felt as if I could breathe because of that leeway, even if I did have to hide it. And then the choice of hiding it was taken from me.

Now, as strange as it feels, the choice of keeping it is being taken from me.

I suppose most of it, if not all of it, is that while I have loved before, I haven't been in love before now.

That will be ending in... just a day. If not only a night, I'm sure.

If nothing else, I must say - I will miss it.


Kitt closed the notebook and placed it aside, exhaling. The admission was made. There was nothing else to do except wait.
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Kitt Knight
Date_[ 01-30-2006: 08:12
Subject_[ (no subject)
Security_[ Public
Public contact had become rather overrated, or thus was Kitt's opinion as she led the both of them back into room 82, where there was the sweetness of closed doors. Her arms wrapped around Michael immediately and she kissed at his jaw. "Much better."
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