The Knight Industries Two Thousand

K.I.T.T. - Kitt, if you prefer.

Kitt Knight
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I am the voice of the Knight Industries Two Thousand's microprocessor. K.I.T.T. for easy reference; Kitt if you prefer.

One man's dream - another man's partner.

It had taken only two months. From start to finish, two months. Built on technology that had come before, Wilton Knight dreamed a second dream. Devon Miles helped him see it through. It was to be called the Knight Industries Two Thousand. A computer mind, a car body. It would be partnered, built for one person, loyal, protective, dependable. It would be indestructible, body melded with a substance that even the military didn't know existed. A molecular bonded shell that was impervious to bomb blasts, gunshots - even impact with reinforced concrete.

Knight had wanted an intelligent solution to violent problems.

He chose a man who had been in the military, who had been in the police, to partner to his creation. Between the two of them, man and machine, any difficulty could be solved.

Even Knight, on his deathbed, couldn't imagine the difficulties that would come.

He left behind a dear friend - Devon Miles.
He left behind a loyal worker - Bonnie Barstow.
He left behind two children, his by blood - Garthe and Jennifer.

But his touch did not end there.

The Knight Industries Two-Thousand. Michael Knight. The Knight Automated Roving Robot.

Wilton Knight was a man who dreamed, and made his dreams come true.

One man can make a difference.
But not alone.

Kitt is an AI - an AI that was installed into the body of the Knight Industries Two-Thousand. Within the body of the car, a modified 1982 Formula Firebird Trans-Am, Kitt is virtually indestructable thanks to the MBS (molecular bonded shell). He also posesses an engine that can run on any combustible fuel, and has the power of a turbine and the V8 engine. He posesses the ability to accelerate to speeds over two-hundred MPH, to "ski" on two wheels, and to eject an oil slick or smokescreen. He has a grappling winch on the back, a true winch on the front, a rocket fire mode, and can eject passengers from either passenger's or driver's seats, not to mention hundreds of other features that have only rarely been touched. In surveillance mode, Kitt can see almost anything within a two-hundred yard radius and hear everything at the same level. He can jam electronics, causing them to malfunction and shut down, construct and print out images of people from nothing but verbal description, and x-ray nearly any object to discover what is within. None of these do him any good in Milliways. To him, Milliways is like a virtual reality. The moment he enters the bar, he becomes a young man with black hair and red eyes who speaks with a bit too prim of an accent with no real marketable skills at all, except a too-familiar knowledge of computers, and that, in Milliways, isn't that marketable anyway. He still retains his photographic memory and quick skills with mathematics and searches on most any topic.

Curious about Kitt's Millihistory? You can go here and see all the icons and some small plot summaries for everything he's been through so far. (:

Kitt, KITT, K.I.T.T. - whatever you call him, his origin is the same. Knight Rider is copyright to Universal and Glen Larson. Not me, by far.